Thursday, July 12, 2012

Such Sharp Sight


In darkness, there is some sort of field of invisible illumination. Its enlightening the path, showing one great funny picture, one at a time. Its the visual field illumined and your sensory grandeur feeding your brain. And this feeble version of you – which is trapped inside your head, inside your brain, is living one picture at a time.

Pictures so plain, hidden out of sight, there is always more than what meets the eye. You can’t see the great joke yet, and you sure should. it makes the picture so much sharper.

I say darkness, cause the entire real existence is dark in real color and in huge quantaties across. The dark energy is going through everything, and something visual is being ‘organically’ consciously being (what to say, just being!?)

This is the great collective experience, the darkness and intermingling of this sparse conscious energy and what not, and this is all of us, gods and humans, saints and demons. What not once more.

But there is one thing I forget to tell most times, this is the play of one singular point (les) point. Your power is the sum power of here and now existence. Cause you are outside your head. The unfortunate thing is that most of us never seem to get that, maybe thats why humanity is so slow to adapt learn or experience something finer. This is all subjective and labels of the mind – I get that, but you and I cannot ignore that fact that you are more than an idea, a body or a simple linear time experience. For realizing this through the frame of individual requires very sharp sharp insight.

This is a concept, life and all that it brings, how long or indepth it lasts. Full of what not, but in between inorganic powerful energy, and a lot of other organic powerful entities maybe. Why then are we stuck to the mundane, humanity soaking in self-ish-ness of this body survival and striving none the less to kill the other body. What a fucking joke.

Sharp insight brings indepth observation to the fore. it brings attention to here and now, and all of life becomes so much more sharper, to the senses and the brain and heart and will and power itself. That enriches this entire creation, making the pictures change, to what is required. That though is really not yours and mine to concern with. That is the way, the way and end goal

Love to here and now. Its simple yet so simple to achieve yet so difficult?

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