Friday, July 27, 2012

Shri Mahavidyas : Kamala

Today is a good day; for the day is dedicated to kamala. The passive benign loving mother of this universe; who is constantly involved with sustainance. She feeds and clothes those who need; she provides love and care for those who are in its absence.
She will take care of the world and beyond; with a lovely rosary of lotus petals in her hand. Her eyes glisten and charm our dead hearts; She exudes the fragrence of the soul; her portants oh who could ever ever know?

Kamala is the tenth and final mahavidya. The energy of love. The energy of being. She is often represented as lakshmi; she has no need for 'weapons'. For her armor of love is strong enough to endure any ignorance which comes across. She needs no sacrifice; for her soul is of sacrifice; She willingly will lift up the ignorant; suckle soma to her children. Feed empathy and compassion of the self to all those who are in perennial suffering of maya.
Kamala revels in richness of this world. She is soft and loving; She is to alliviate poverty and misery; hunger and lack of love. She is the most beautiful sight in the world; almost akin to Tripura sundari but she is not virgin in her energy. This energy pervades and is not isolated *unlike the latter, she is love after all. Not virgin or otherwise; she completes the short distance between lovers to unite forever. The embrace is all consuming.
She requires not extensive worship or sacrifice; she only requires your heart (not your mind). If you love the naievness and grace of the divine feminine. If you love the divine feminine; then it is ofcourse natural that she will lift you up to her bosom to remove all misery consuming.
Her bija mantra is Eem. Her power is in every chakra (how else will any world sustain itself), hence she holds lotus and sits on one herself. Her vehicle is the mighty yet benign elephant/sometimes an owl - for lakshmi. I do not particularly see much of a difference between lakshmi and kamala. They are both the same outward representations of the symbolic powers of sustainance.

Today is vara laksmi's day. Women across pray for sustainance to mother nature/goddess. There may be difficulties and trials which she could send; she would surely provide us the strength and love to endure all such trials; making us invincible - making us bow in love and grace to our will and power of eternal lotus/kamala.

Peace and wish you all prosperous moments of goddess worship.

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