Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Life Outside

The Life Outside

There is nothing which is not you; there is everything outside which is you – all it requires is the perspective sought and seen.

All of us make our own concept of self; we believe that we are limited by the skin we reside in. We are inside the body and bone. We never think / feel / experience that we may be somewhat more.
A revelation of thought – can we be not ourselves as we thought (like all the world’s gospels speak). The wise ones speak that we should not think of the ego (That which resides in the flesh), rather we are what does not reside within the self.
Maybe, I think; just maybe we may be not what we think of the mirror shows us in the first place. Perhaps we are only limited by the small thought in our head. There is this vision which I see of prosperity. Where everyone is knowing / experiencing that they are not who they thought themselves to be. Their life force is not limited in their body (within their flesh) and in fact the truth is diametrically opposite.
The life we envisage as us, is all around us – except for within the body. This is the selfless zen way for all of us to exist in symbiotic relationship, is it not?
When we know that we are everyone we never thought to be – our actions reflect a singular detail for compassion and mercy. For are we not the life that exists outside the body’s breath? Are we not the flesh and skin of everyone around in this universe? Are we not others and are others not us?
This simple revelation or rather the change of perception leads one to exist in peace. In symbiotic love and harmony. It only requires the rewiring of the most recent part of our neural networks (yes it is the most recent and not ancient).
Thoughts which control our perception are like a virus, they take over and spread to each other telepathically. The thought that we are but the life within our skin and bones, so recent and dismal makes us abhor one another. There is no concept of singular, which is disgusting (to say the least).
And the truth so simple yet profound – ancient to say the least; that we are not ourselves. We are the life external, outside the cage structure we have built for ourselves. Look and adore, nature and skies abound. Life and love existing forever in harmony. Think and feel the way nature intended us to be. In simplicity and bliss of all life around

Peace and Bliss

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Warrior's Lives

We were all warriors. In the making, and some complete thrown into fire. To remould one last time. For the first time, to accept and see things they cannot affect.

The First Life.
Was born amongst nomads; they were bestial and so was I. We ate everything for dinner and breakfast. Lunch left to the prey’s calling. We hunted and perfectly. They did not have a chance. Animals, humans, plants for remedy everything under the night and sun was ours. Nothing left unconsumed and I was perfect at what I did. Like you.
We deceived the weather, and the air till the point the prey thought us no more than the environment that surrounds it. We clicked and killed. Decimated and played god and I was good at what I did. Nothing left. I was a perfect warrior physically and then death took its toll on my body as well. While I was dying I remember that I consumed a strange poisonous mushroom that called out its name while I faded away. The power of it consumed in turn and all I could think of while dying was that this is where I was to lay.

The Second Life.
I was born amongst the warrior path of renunciate. They made me fast and pray. I was never satisfied and I desired food constantly, till my yogi guru took hold of me and told me of my deeds, and how I was fortunate amongst a million light years to be born in the same time and place – dimensional causality. I was taken aback and then I left my monk hood, bereft of parents and siblings I wandered and I consumed things illicit to the nature of men. There was the awakening and causation of life itself happening and I was unprepared for it all. I consumed more, and I thought that I must sustain. And I did. Fabulously and I learnt how to master to be a warrior in the mind space. But nothing changed, though I know of my past misery I was not saved; there was more to be… And I was never free. This was how my second life ended with the thought that the heart defied the mind’s eye. There was a deeper mystery at play, nothing to do with how your energy every mastered any situation or space.
I could never fathom that the mind only played the part of the flute – and the flute player is something else entirely apart. This was my learning as I died unattached and alone on a burning ghat so far from home. I looked unto heavens for it to swallow me whole and I never knew that I would be born again on the same brown soil for it was not over at all.

The Third Life.
Things are abrupt in reincarnation, there is never any peace. A constant struggle without any visible end (For the lack of a linear dimension in true reality)..The toughest life, met my match in terms of the kind of situations which this universe rakes up to make us test our metal. The heart poured blood and cries.
I had an inner guide which made me sit and realize the fruits of past lives. The struggle continued but it became a fight between the heart and head. This is not what I expected I must confess; something deep and so simple as the heart and the games it played.
I fell in love with women and wine and never saw that falling was a subtle crime. There is something else I kept muttering to myself, and as I sat in the lotus posture for heaven to open up. I saw that my goddess shimmering and smiling at me – pointing to my fragile heart; something that I discarded all my past lives but not anymore.
I wept inconsolably for days on end. There is nothing which can keep me away from the lives drawn in complete distaste. I must reclaim the corner of the sky – dark and brooding without name or face. There must be space where I can be left to myself; ending the drama and haze. Everything which must come and go – will do so without myself there.
The third life was my final one; though there were many others which I felt were the longing and key. There is nothing which I must be other than everlasting life free.
I opened the heart which was cornered and kept caged for so long. There is nothing which I must make but what is my own. Life the endless cycle and circle now came back to its own demise with the (in) opportune third life.

I have seen what needed to be seen, dug my grave and fit right in. There was sunlight which led me astray. Now only peering darkness from the void and in my heart forever to stay. Lives came and went and the soul suffered not one inch less or more. There was singing and delight; nothing left now but the reminisce of the same in my feeble mind. Lives came and went, warriors hardened by the love which pours in the heart chakra instead.
See what life is to me and you; love laughter and pain through and through.

Peace and Bliss!

Sudden Spontaneous acts of Love