Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Great Consumer


A great consumer knows no bounds; has only needs; perpetual and hungry. Willing to not even fucking breathe

I am the greater grander consumer; eating up the music and nature; eating it all up in some sort of violent rage against myself and everyone else.

This applies to most of us; though we would not want to see it such; we are constantly creating economy and food; arts and passion; life over in our personal ways.

But all we are actually frigging doing is eating shitting and farting our ways every day. Its called sophistication, freaking out in some sort of mental image of ours; but this is not a very dark picture I paint; this is what all of us are.

To create requires sacrifice; you can ask mothers for that. It is not easy and definitely never as desired. But to just fucking consume the shit of this reality up is filthy; We are not making life; we are destroying it… by the way we have become to live. By buying and selling and duping not only our own species but all else.

It is disgusting, to be a consumer; where needs are not defined; not confined and not dissolved. They are just chased time and again as some sort of indulgence in finding personal identity or nirvana. This is not the time to be faint of fucking mind at the least; quantity and power of unity and diversity are being strained. Our minds are all together and yet our heart remains so far away. I hope anyone reading understands.

Let us let; silence prevail and dispel all and all needs. There is no desire or progress desired (as we choose to see it), yet everything remains the same… I know you dont believe that; so for that you must give it a try. Let yourself be dead to the world.. see what a fucking difference you made. I bet on my life Laughing out loud, you were of no use to anyone any fucking day.

Peace. Maybe I would choose not to call listening to free music as something of being a consumer; but I cannot at any cost be indulging anything anyways. I love to listen to music and live life as a consumer, but if there is any greater or grander use/purpose that all of us are living for, that belief sounds to be rather faint if not dead.

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