Thursday, December 17, 2009

Naturaza Divina

This is the age for toxics. Long time back, when the earth was a much "cleaner" place, people lived a natural existence. Sadly its not the case anymore. The toxic existence is taking its toll.
The air I breathe, is contaminated... the water is contaminated with toxics and more toxics to clear it. The food which i eat has chemicals from the time the seed is sown, to when it is shelved in a market. The activities which i do is sit in front of technological instruments, which harm through toxic rays. mosquito repellents and fake skin creams, toxic clothes and toxic materials...everywhere... look around, whatever we take from this world today has a toxin attached to it.... where are we gonna survive!... What a time to be born!?
The climate change meetings are going on, and everyone can have a consensus on one thing, that no one else is willing to listen to their problem. But everyone is conveniently forgetting that the reason they have assembled there in the first place is for but one GLOBAL problem. End of the world. sooner than we can imagine.
The toxics which affect our body, get stored and remain without disintegrating for long. they change our perception and the way our body is meant to work (including our brain- please note that). This is something which people are not willing to acknowledge till the toxin sets in deep physical reactions- cancer, psychosomatic diseases and crazy virus attacks (i still believe virus are not biological, they are pure toxin).
The effects are seen here and now, and yet we dont take heed. We have to stop polluting. We have to stop buying newspaper, stop using power when we dont need it. Stop riding cars alone (all and many more of these are addressed all to myself and you all as well). Every single action is causing an instant reaction within us (time and evolution are compounding- cause and effect are too due to this.. everything will happen within one single life time now; you reap what you sow here and now)
I have no faith in governments, they are big bullies and big cry babies. They supposedly are the wise and trusted, yet they are never these. They come and bicker and go off to their mansions (really- the politicians- all of them live in mansions- what a mockery for being servants to civilians)
What I have faith in (till date- prove me wrong none the less) is rational understanding of average bum. So there is no threat cause of pollution etc, and the average bum is all happy not giving a damn (i am!), but there is direct link between the toxic we burn and the toxic we breathe- now that ought to be simple to understand- dont cut trees, dont burn plastic, dont go on endless fuck-you romantic drives,start walking, stay without light, simple existence, start appreciating and be a part of nature. That is the only way you gonna live here on earth. Lets embed technology and human intellect to nature- what wonders we can achieve! Nature gives to one and all, dont grab just ask....
I like the wwf ad- an old one yet so beautiful- one planet- one home- we gonna mess it up? where we gonna live? (applies to all of you who dont plan on having kids too, cause this time around we fucked up and we are gonna pay... no doubt about it. so wanna save our asses? save the planet NOW!)

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