Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Beast

The winter poured her heart out; the skies opened up and snow flooded my heart.
I walked for eons together, no other human soul here with me, apart from my lovely yak, prodding gently with me...
At such great heights, with mist and clouds drifting part my hair; I walked for ages from one mountain to another, with my gentle friend by my side. She always kept her calm, when the cold enraged my lungs, kept my warm with her milk. Kept me sane with her warmth.
Once in a life, we sometimes get to know that we have a friend in another. My yak, she is such for me. A simple mountain man, I have no intent to descend from this dizzying vertigo. Only this gentle beast could help me keep up my ascent, what to say of such doe eyes, a fluffy furry animal with horns to gouge out the soul; yet so serene with a penchant for the ice. She pulls me up once again to climb further into the fog and the mist....
Her walk always steady till it snows on her fur, then she laps up the water icicles on her fat tongue, always looking intently and so innocently at me. My mountain partner, graceful and so full of love.
The valleys covered in thick ice. The rivers frozen from the source, and the trails covered up in blizzards to stone the soul. Yet my yak and I remain firm on our commitment; to roam these heights, from one summit onto another.
She laps up some food and looks towards me with such kindred gaze, I feel humbled to be in the presence of such innocence, time and again. My yak carrying my burdens through and through. lessoning my pain of existence each moment.
At nights, the skies open up and the stars shine uninhibited, the mountains reverberate silence. there might be melancholy in the hearts of men stranded at such heights, yet i feel so much more at home here and now; my yak breathes slow and deep, her warm breath covered up as fog as it exits her cute nostrils.
Yaks come and yaks go, yet you the yak i have gotten to know. how many years have passed and you have not complained once of this bearing load. This bearing load I shed onto you. You are my pillar, my inner strength to endure. My friend in the darkness of the day, My silent keeper on these tough routes of the older than time himalayas.
Stay high up; yak, dont come down to the plains where madness is abundant, my mountain queen... spread your silent love with your sweet innocent eyes. Keep your horns to fight away those who come to seek your death with human profit. Stay aloof in the heart of snow. Keep walking steady and slow... Wishing to see you once more :)
(for those who dont know what a yak is, well its kinda the cutest bull with a ball of fur all around it... quite the mountain teddy bears ! )

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