Friday, January 22, 2010


The lies which we adopt, to suit us are in the end but lies. Our origin, our destination, our concept of everything, all coated with lies. In truth; nothing is as it seems. The push down the cauldron seemed bestile at the moment, but it opened up my eyes. There are no truths no lies.. as soon as we remove the veil of I.
The cauldron holds warm indigo soul liquid. But that is the lie. The truth is that the cauldron kept inside the cave beyond human intervention, far away from all life forms, is at the exact point of the opening of a wormhole. The wormhole stretches furthest in time and space from earth. This is not a random wormhole formed and destroyed with natures designs. This is a deliberate travel mechanism built and sustained for a millenia under the crystal mountain for a specific reason. Wormholes stretch as far as they might yet they can never be held for more than a fraction in time, the alien master race of gods found the crystal structure of the mountain hospitable and the conditions precise for the sustenance of a same (singular) dimensional wormhole. My head submerged and no more, my body remains there yet my head is decapitated and whorled for timeless periods. I havent lost consciousness, but rather have in this speedy process lost the concept of I.
Landing in an alien terrain bodiless and without a measure of knowledge of what you are is, is fascinating. You are a true observer. Not a judger, but a kind of a rock. Having the freedom to see as what is shown in front truly might be. The understanding of a change, the demonstration of peace. The lives of the alien master race. Something which cannot be described. The gods, descended here on this hostile terrain. There was no coincidence of that. They linked the wormhole from both sides. This allowed them not to travel through crafts, rather through teleportation only. They set up colonies on earth, and more wormholes. Different gods with different designs took up different parts of this land. They grow different hybrid dna present here. Test tube the creations and see the fruits of such experimentation. The gods created us. No one knows who created them. The irony embedded. There is the acceptance of the arrival of a 2 chained dna molecule. The information sustained is compatible with their expectations. They grow adam and eva. The rib cage of adam taken and coded further. Africa becomes the birth place of man/woman. The nature of good evil, pleasure pain, war peace, ignorance and empathy all put in equal proportions. Experiment to see whether humanity will be as they have been (the gods), or will we take to another way. (what do you think now?). Gods have created us in their image. They set out wormholes to be precise in location concerning this barren rock called earth and they visit as they please. Humans call it divine intervention. visions of our father/mother/our savior.
This is not to say, that humans have never been able to glimpse into the world of gods. Philosophers called it the causal plane. Different plane, but never different dimensions. They live in the same dimensions as we have. Hence the validity of the experiment. Not to say that our gods cannot travel ascending or descending dimensions. Their world here in a 11-dimensional existence is the furthest humanity (As it understands) in the known universe. In truth, they remain at almost core center of the universe, humanity only arriving half way at the resolved space which makes the universe. The space of the 'universe' is most dense where our gods live. The reason why some of their physical characteristics- halo, lightness (levitation) etc are such. They are gods not because they chose it, yet they at the same time chose it. The dichotomy is that they never chose to be our gods, we were their children. Looking into seeing where their past was by making a future, yet they chose to be gods. They chose how they wanted to survive/exist/live and die indeed. They chose it consciously after eons of life transmitted coded information in them. What it life, remained their center point.
They look not to influence, yet even gods are habitual to extents. They set up colonies and in the primitive stages of the thumb endowed human, they try to tell us how to go forward. No, life is not natural. Inertia is natural and indeed if someone is not taught to live (Though subjective), then they will be all fine living inanimate as well. Humans worship the gods. They look to the sky to see how they will arrive. Sometimes through crafts and sometimes through wormholes. Humans make structures within which they worship the gods, the structures reminding them of the space crafts in which they arrived and the gods in stone inside, exact inspired replicas of the gods of lore. This continues for centuries together, and the gods actively reduce the number of blatant visits they hold; as they see the impact they are having on their children. Something which they had missed or perhaps (just perhaps), they wanted acknowledgement.
My head lies on the ground of an alien dark red land and a multi colored sky (if these were what they were in earth). I am not free to move; but as soon as i think that in my head, i float. A voice (or telepathic suggestion in my head) tells me that here thought is as mobile as your body. Thought like body is energy and if you resolve yourself, or if you are nominated (like i had been from my tribe), then you can use energy in ways unimaginable. I have all around view of everything on the planet at one go. I dont have any limitations. Limitations of thought boundaries disappear. It is like how freedom has been described to me by the elders of my tribe. Before i acknowledge this fleeting thought, i see the 3 elders who pushed me down to the cauldron in front of me, they are elevated a bit from the ground. The eyes brighter than the sun. The smile faded yet hopeful. They lift me to their level (mentally). They show the illusion of day and night. Through which i understand that all what humans are is because of this. If there was endless day or night, the race would not be able to survive (not all life on earth, but just humans). This is for the reason that even gods lived a diurnal existence. The importance of veil and un veil, truth and ignorance, balance and unbalance. Somehow at the center of this universe seemed to be the purpose of this universe (the gods visiting the multiverses, saw that in each kala- something they said to each of the universe in the endless range of multiverses) was balance and unbalance as demonstrated through presence and absence... basically duality. Many such existences advocated but one truth and many none and many universes had so many truths.....
The last part of the experiment was tricky, that is why they left one and only one functional wormhole on the earth near my tribe, they held the initial three of my tribe to be the successors and they remained immortal in human terms. They remained there forever. I had only seen them in this life, and never imagined the truth that these who i saw, they were there forever. No one had ever told me this secret truth.
They entered my head and explained what my tribe was trying to achieve. A new sense of purpose. in this decided fate of ours. We the tribe were the spiritual heirs of humans intertwined with our gods. We were the children of the father and the son. We the trinity were the holy ghost indeed.
Our life was an experiment, we had been born as humans, yet when we arrived towards our vision quest, we were bred with the power of our gods. They trans mutated us into something out of this world. Our tribe in seclusion remained at the edges of this universe penetrating a new truth. The balance between god and man. A new level.
The gods each touched what felt to me as my forehead, but as i had all around vision. I could not fathom what was being activated or felt. There were as many as a thousand gods (though our tribe had but one, perhaps a symbolic representation of our gods). Thousand different illuminations drawing me magnetically close, with such power touching my being and transmitting sheer energy with light (not light, but its something which comes closest to describe the sensory impact)
With each there was a foundation, it must be said. The I had been completely destroyed in the process of wormhole transfer- something to do with decapitation and its impact on the ego-molecule. But the foundation creates now another I. The I of a thousand and more gods and men. The purpose clearly defined balance and imbalance.
I reach back, same body not the same I. There is no cauldron nor a underground cave where I am trapped. It seems that I am in mecca, perhaps. Inside the Kaaba. Where balance and imbalance are played out. I am perhaps in the Vatican tomb where light and darkness are constructed and destroyed. I am perhaps inside the third floor of the kal bhairon temple in India where good and evil are demonstrated and replayed. I am perhaps within the temple of Ra under the vault where power and peace and side by side. I am perhaps within you as well. Where life and death are certainly present in the molecule. Molecule made from god and man.

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