Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Commitment to Soil :)

Sikkim kicks fun, its a state where every one can feel at home. I loved the fantasy tail spun so incredibly at nathula pass. 

Nathula is where india and china meet also, The height is awesome at around 17000 odd feet. A long drive from gangtok brings your to surreal heights, In winters this is packed - the only people settled on way to nathula- our army. Bunkers and shelters and conference rooms and dining areas, all built around the winding route, and as one climbs higher the air gets dimmer and the chances of a surreal event happening are very probable ;)

Our army is perhaps the only one in this world, who pays a dead man for active duty (in the army), Babaji Harbhajan died almost a half century back at this place while trying to help his friends, but his spirit didnt leave the border, The energy chose to stay there and see that status quo be maintained- both india as WELL AS china. to some extent. 

Is it intriguing? I thought so, the spirit has been seen by many many soldiers who are posted there, and if people are found skipping their duty, babaji's spirit appears and gives them a tight slap or thrashing to wake them up from stupor. A very beautiful fantasy so far ;)

My folks and I stop at only one place on the route- which took some 3-4 hours one way, we stopped to get warmer coats on rent and some tea. There is a beautiful temple for babaji harbhajan at the peak where the borders of 2 huge ass countries meet. The temple is not directed in particular to any energy and all the brave people of our country come here to get inspiration, no one fucks with india. ever. 

I meditated some time in the small getup of the temple, many many people come to seek his blessings and many tourists like myself to see the border and something/anything intriguing.

The view from this place is beautiful. There is a very huge lake on the way of ascent, I think (from my menory) the lake was called changi.. we bought some pretty souvenirs and then my folks and i took a long walk around this deep deep lake, in winters it freezes over for good and people can skate.. awesome. The place is full of big beautiful Yaks, the only animal sturdy for such heights. Its a lovely feeling to sit next to a calming lake and throw away all your worries deep deep in. Rejuvenate and start fresh... it makes my day. 

Babaji is the moderator of the nathula pass, and no one escapes his eyes is what i got to see, He was an honest strong and power full spirit as he continues to be till date. Its a very harsh job to survive in these conditions for long and the people who do it so that we dont have to, have to be appreciated. India has a vibe about it, live for it. Die in it. Love it. Be free

India speaks less, wisdom flows from each single pour. 

Peace love and divinity take the soul seat. Shallow be merged deep 

I tripped in some parts of sikkim and the natural beauty is incomparable. The thick flaurae and fauna cover the entire region, with remote people habitations. Something so unheard and unthinkable for city folk. 

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