Sunday, January 20, 2013

Root Cause Enquiry


The manner in which I speak, bears no consequence to the bigger questions in life. Questions you and I have raised, as have people time before us. These questions are what so defines our kind, But they are also questions which nature and life before advent of humankind also has asked. These questions possess no dual, they have no answer, in a sense they are complete in whichever realm they exist. Questions which pertain to the meaning of existence, if not the bother of the entire charade of life.

When I have mustered questions up with great deal of courage, I remind myself of the root cause of this very enquiry. The enquiry itself is the journey, and the answer; it is clear to see after a little bit of practice indeed. The questions act as catalysts and provide the impetus to enquire, but the very inborn tendency to enquire which in turn create the question; is to be of the inner nature I must surmise. for many do not see any satisfaction in questions which have no direct or supposed direct linear answers to them.

The very process of this enquiry is age old, and has been used time over as a means for the mind to snap out of the conditioned numb existence it sees through the use of the bodily senses. Though the senses see a particular cause and effect to all of life, this interprets to the brain that every state of existence has a linear root cause, which is not particularly the case. In terms of rational sciences and philosophy.

The method and nature of enquiry which few in the world bear, marks the onslaught of personal and psychic adventure and turmoil in the fine fabric of the mind. It is overpowered by the powerful life altering questions it can ask itself, without the least clue of an answer in sight. Why is life here, and why is it such. What is the reason for birth and death, and where does it all lead? These questions are a waste of time for most, as they do not bear a root cause (at least on superficial introspection).

But masters across time and distance, on this earth have found that this constant doubting and enquiring line of presence almost – creates the mind enough confusion (or to the left lateralized brain), which in turn activates the right brain – this has the instinctual sense which is least used in any human. The more the human now focuses on a holistic brain function; the lesser reality seems as it was before – with the narrow and harrowing use of senses (our human senses can only see reality in certain wavelengths – and that too is deeply small in range and dimension).

The question itself becomes the answer, as with the holistic brain enquiry. The brain itself sets itself aside, its quite a funny affair to speak of the least. The brain is now the nature unto itself. A problem and verily a solution; a friend and a foe in the right capacity for the manna, or perhaps dark energy to consciously experience its many facets. This again remains to be non conclusive and extremely abstract for the brain to comprehend (even through the use of its subtle spiritual instinctive self).

Though I have taken liberty to make many suppositions with the use of language and word, the truth or rather the natural order/way of things is such. The short duration of lifetimes which we endure in between deathless timeless realm only is spent in deep questioning – perhaps this nature would help us define our lives and its purpose better, in a dark doomed universe where grand purposes with time and dark energy fade faster than the thoughts which have created them.


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