Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brand Banned


This is the latest and most ingrained phenomenon of our industrial age ‘revolution’. We are branned!

Everyone I know who is looking for a better life – relies on a brand. A brand in todays lifestyle is not considered just a product by a trading company. It is a way; a goal unto itself. For a brand defines a person – a brand tells others around that the person is living a life how it is meant to be lived, worst it tells the person him/herself that this is the life of aspiration, and where it leads to.

Who tells these inanities to the people of the world, why the people who are working in their respective companies of course. We all are bullshitting each other, and worst yet – we are being bought over by the bullshit of others ourselves.

Why do I call branding a bullshitting exercise? For a life worth living, is not present on a carton or the box cover of a product; indeed the product itself will not make your life come alive. It will ease it, conform you into inertia. And that becomes our conditioned existence.
So an awesome watch, made by Swiss handicraft or a German made care – is all good but they by themselves will not define the nature of you. They will not take you into seventh heaven and keep you there for very long. The very act of appeasing and attaining what we think is precious, unique and perfect in our so called measures of quality – is what makes us strive for these brands day in and out.

So a working lady might not buy un branded clothes or jewellery. A working man might not buy his tech gadgets without a hi fi name on them, and worse yet when they do buy these things – acting like a placebo – they make the person feel that they are better (looking, being, acting whatever). It makes the person complacent to accept that this is the very best they can get, or deserve.

And this becomes the starting of the futility model. This whole exercise played over and over during a life time, makes the person only strive for these trinkets – which are so carefully moulded and reworked for a “Target audience”, reverse engineered to make the product seem to be for the person in mind, and when acquired the brand makes the person complete!

What could be further from the truth, the brand adorned by anyone does not make the person like what the brands project, that is but a fucking lie. In this day and age; the most corrupt and insatiably greedy can afford the best in so called lifestyles and brands, and not even by a longshot can they be said to be the brands target audience; but they are – as they can afford it by the acquisition of money.

Hence here becomes the next recourse in this vicious cycle – with everyone hunting down the common denominator – money or its like / gold/ oil what not to get to their brands – the phone and car, the high end property and discotheque life. These are what has been conned by everyone of us for the benefit of another – so that we believe that we are worth this life time?

I am not against trade and commerce – but I fail to understand how anyone else can define what it is to be alive; that too through goods and such? A lifestyle is made (firmly in my mind) by a life filled with personal and introspective turmoil; where the fabric of the mind fathoms to find out its true identity – and not just branded by some farcical items as its true self.

So to me, a car or phone, a fair wife or kids cannot define a lifestyle. It is way more personal and doubtful than this. Anyone projecting a life on a platter already defined and to be consumed by hard work to get money is like blind leading the blind.

The question we have to ask ourselves, is how long shall we remain deluded to someone elses truth as ours, yes for most of us the brand lifestyle works just fine, it removes the questioning and real doubting of anything around us – and to build it from the fire which has burnt the illusions down. But to many of us, already ingrained and conditioned by the systematic degradation of our neurons – a brand flashed on a billboard or the tv by some marketing douchebag who has no inkling himself on how to live his/her own life is just sad.

Our influence is far reaching, we teach our future generation on how to live based on how we have lived so far. Our marketing and brand consumerism is just a plain outright failure (not because it has opened up free trade and the illusion of best choice), but it has limited exactly that – the true choice to define ourselves over a life time, not by someone else’s product in turn – but by our own sincere struggle and love to define the nature of I.

Yes we all want to experience everything at hand whichever comes in front of our senses any time, before we die. This is of course the nature of beautiful consciousness (to find out power and its traces so pretty in everything around). But we fail to see that we running hither thither to define ourselves in turn through what others have offered us time over as best and sincere is sheer bullshit – and that living the branding lifestyle conforming to the market demands and marketers who have no clue about life is just the same as making one mute dumb and handing over their life decisions to a corrupt inane and greedy government which bites the hand that feeds.


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