Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The ‘Auto’ Junkie


Auto Man rambles to begin with, drool dripping down his chin and a wicked irreplaceable grin. His face shines within the confines of his moving home, His neck deep in devilish intent;

The Auto Junkie makes you his customer, and drags the yellow turtle slowly alive, wanking its innards raising the courage to begin on a harrowing ride.

Oh the junkie got the dreams, He got the soul and he is going to bare his filthy whole. His nature is revulsion, his eyes beacons to endless state of gore.

He sets the meter and sets the ride, switches on the disco lights and begins his route to nevermore. His speaks in tongues, he abhors the people on the road, his way or the grave it is for sure!

Take him to the circus, he would be an unfavourable chimp but given the power of the faithful turtle, which shits out smoke; he reckons himself to be an auto junkie. Looking forward to the curve and the stone, he travels above all in this material existence of day in and out of chore. He is the auto god. Revving up the world to his way or the highway and taking you on a death ride alongside just for kicks!

Auto man doesn’t know where to go, yet he cannot let himself stop for some respite. he has to make the next deal, go ahead and travel far in his insane greed for more. He is verily an auto whore~

You hold on to the metal grills and pray sincere that this rambling lunatic would stop half assed so you may even jump out, and run away from this lunatic helter skelter. But he won’t oblige, the auto junkie has let the dragon chase him, he has become one with the strange-ness of this auto world

He pushes through and stops finally, you have shat in your pants and the smell amuses him no end. His drool multiplies and his smile reckons of victory, he has won over the sensation of mentally raping someone while charging them for the same. Its satisfaction complete for this re-arranged (not deranged) auto junkie.

Auto junkie is the father of the ‘taxi-driver’, his illusions are national, where each town and its by lane feathers such great hope of reaching the pinnacle of madness and auto freedom! The auto and its rider, the sacred bond which keeps this country kicking and alive.

The auto guy gets out and washes his auto screen clean while waiting to get paid, you whimper to the ground and take out the wallet from your already soiled disgusting pants to pay him for his pleasure of dropping you, of his amusement to greater life.

The auto junkie humps back in, and does not give back the change, he yanks the crank of the yellow turtle and the auto comes to life. His next customer will not be so lucky,

for the auto tripper has his final and most formidable mission at hand, to be a hero in his own eyes. To see everything come down, fall back into chaos and hit the entire deal head on with his twisted, warped, spaced AUTO.


(If you are an Indian who has travelled with the auto junkie. Then you will sympathize)


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