Friday, September 30, 2011

No Cause For Concern….


Take what you need; I have no need for your play-things.

Take what you may; you can never take what I hold most precious to my heart.

Your adoration; Your gaze; Your intent subtle conscious flowing eyes; all captured forever inside the haze that I hold as my life. My memory; stagnant always through the motion of time.

Oh Chandi; You can leave and walk away. You can be victorious in this universe and the many next. Though you can never make me leave you; as I shall follow you forever; in this life or the last.

There is no cause for concern, There is no alarm. When everything is brought back to naught, then there is nothing left to start. You and I have been forever playing this game. This love- game of sorts, where you remain away from insight, and perception plays a fair game in ruining the real from the faded illusion.

Time bound and wasted, I sit in darkness. Everything enveloped by your powerful gaze mother. Everything lies in tune with your hymn. Everything dancing like you wished.

Be ever so kind, so as to let me exist. In this body and another. Where I can worship you; in solitude and peace. Where there is no other, where there is only love. Surely you see what I have been chasing, surely you know how much I suffer. Why would you let me be away, I am always ready to be lost in your eternal life.



What Peace?

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