Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fifth Stage

Kriya Yuga / Fifth Stage

The Circa now complete. Look again at it with intent. Those who do not see also shall open their eyes at last. Where you started is where you have finally landed up.
This is the end of all known crimes. There is nothing which can be worse than this form of ignorance so abstract. The forgetting of bliss of your own divinity. Propagated by market and companies and soulless intimacies. Look now into his eyes. He is you is her is it and everything sublime..
The new age has just dawned, where Master Natha Nagaraja Babaji has shown us his name and form. We all sit huddle and dream together for the raising of mother divine, through our meru danda/spine. The kriya yuga has surpassed Kali and re-evolution has begun to unwind (finally).
The needs which we saw as our own weren’t such, The lie which we made our life and truth and it too was not such..
It was Maya playing her illusory nature and creating a mockery of our true selves all the time. So simple and true.
We bought it and brought it to the gateway of our hearts, grim reaper of self and heart. We have chosen to indulge in wine and women, drugs and money. The abscess of soul so full of puss. That a new start is inevitable to say the least.
An inspiration is on its way, through dream the master instructs us on the way to Kriya. The path sublime step by step without any goal and mind. The kriya yuga is the fifth stage, where humanity has embraced its universal/multiverse traits.
Please stand up and take notice, of what is real and without perception of organic needs. Please stand up and embrace, the warm wind exuding from your face. You are true eternity itself and you will not be denied. There is no way in damned hell that you can be satisfied (in this current state of mind)
Kriya draws forth your breath and sends it to the master in his cave of no-mind. He warms the soul and smiles gently. Holding up the entire earth like krsna holding mount on his little finger. The fifth stage is the final crown in the circle of life death and rebirth, where the individual soul reconnects with the picture / intention / will of its true self.
The no-mind holds a challenge, when you are living through your mind. The no-heart is death waiting for taking over and destroying your life. Why do you run helter skelter for that which will be born and destroyed. Indeed sit like Buddha under Bodhi tree saying “ Om Kriya Babaji Namah Om”
Babaji and Mataji and his mendicants from another life. They watching constantly the progress of collective will towards the fifth stage now to arrive. They will guide coach correct and mentor your actions till there are none left to abide. You will be re-born and re-die until you realize.
Pray humbly looking at the sky. Can you not see that babaji is here smiling residing in the inner sanctum of your heart? Shall you not fall on your knees, kneel and pray – bless and cry to the extent where all illusion and separation are identified, de-labelled and reinvented in vacuous existence of no-mind. This is babaji’s true grace. When you kiss his ethereal feel and alleviate all your earthly gain. Follow your kriya successfully; praise and be told the path so full of thavam has finally reached its time and date. A new revolution is truly is on its way. 
Love will prevail
Love will truly prevail! Om Kriya Babaji Namah Om!
Peace! Peace! Peace!

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