Wednesday, November 7, 2012



I got a super! feeling this rainy day Monday. I will dawn my mask of masks and disappear amidst the snowy misty haze. Beneath this dark rain – I will dance in the streets oblivious to the impending dream death of my brain. I will choose to remain super fucking ficial till my dying day.

I get ready in a hurry, waking walking under the powerful atomic sun. I look sprightly lest someone may suspect what goes on beyond inside my eyes. My cranium aching to hide the superficiality of every moment acted as if in some cheap misdirected play. I am left alone at the mercy of my mind. It rises falls leaps and bounds into crevices never touched by any light of day. I remain oblivious like I already said lol

I am super fickle ficial and always alarmed by my waking cause. I am running to a goal somewhere in the distance; never materializing, never ever making any sense but it remains accepted by everyone around! Wow what a sympathetic reaction to plight and pissed off life pain. I keep comforting myself – this is surely the way. All blind rats chasing others down to the end of the mountain leading inside the abyss subliminal control by the demonic piper’s wicked enchanting wail.

Look I found me a shelter and a walking road. A car and legs to drive it to destination unknown. I remain aged and un nerved beneath my skin. Something is driving me in turn and insane; yet I keep it masked, caged perfect; putting on a preposterous smile. Smoke rising red beyond the window pane. Look I can’t do it no more – I cannot keep my mind bound by this sociopathic schizophrenic make believe of living together in mock grace. We are all faking the fucking moment. We know this has to be the case.

But what is the use of realization pointless none the less. I laugh and make believe the bluff of another more euphoric place. Where the heart sends out signals which cannot be masked with the most genuine brains. Where it seems that the night and day merge and everyone puts their hands together to make it seem worth the wait. When love and night merge, where day and death tango - level ground surely
What have I become obsessed with, the greatest delusion stuck; incepted inside my head. This dream nature of becoming / flowering, faltering and becoming stronger. Being unlearned and losing all the masks I have so ritually kept away from the prying eyes of my fellow kind. I have started to repulse my inner nature – this superfuckingficial lifestyle which I lead to appease my cowardness.

adam-in-pain-otto-rapp (1)

The night has become solemn. It has changed the fates of stars in this perennial darkness. Starts circularly to become the again the end. I have stepped forth into the abyss. I have committed enough blunders and shook not to commit one more. To lose a chance to see this world for what it truly is. Naked, without masks and the learnt conditioned tolerance for apathy.

I have dawned neo suits of mirrors. Reflecting the lost cause of desolate rain pouring once again. This time no one to ponder its origin? Looks like the superficial have become stark raving insane. What a sight to behold laughing laughing all the way. all ways.


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