Thursday, November 15, 2012

Devi Play >

I would love it if you were to play your special play. Start me up and never keep me away.
You are dawning; and looking to keep me at bay. No use! For I have already drowned headfirst in your amorous eyes. Your blood red lips playing wicked games in my head. 

Devi, knows me better - she keeps her lover thirsty. She quenches it in her special rasa. Her intense devotion towards collective love and pain. I the wandering madman, walking through thick jungle and daze. Come to you to appease us this life time. How can you resist such a maddening gain?

Devi takes up the console, looks at this beggar; wanderer and lunatic with the beacon of the naive heart beating fast. She knows what I want. She knows what I sought. She plays; for seven straight days. Her melody and heart pouring out like molten gold from the earth onto my being. I dance for her. Dance looking only at her. My DJ. My Goddess. Redemption so easy; I dance to win her yet again (this life). 

She notices my worn down shell. Covered with ashes brought from burning pits of hell. Energy consumed and why not ? consummated. I have witnessed her destruction and her mothers love. She has seen me seeing it all?! I have meditated on her heart oh for so very long. The sri chakra of universe. The powerful atomic crown. Darkness and timeless misery I see- I could not see her till I walked my head into the ground. Now here I am, on my knees; waiting to die; waiting to be released. But that too shall not take place without your play. Goddess and Lover, embrace is all I choose. Make me a dasa at your feet!

Devi you play. I shall dance. Kali powers the reactor and Nataraja thumps the ground clear. We are the symbolic symbiotic unit. Sweet and caressed; One atom within the ocean, uniting electrifying electron to proton. Neutrons already kissed! remaining where they may! 

I reckon to open my third eye
My goddess still playing hard and paced, she throws me to the ground - she puts her divine feet on my rugged chest. She keeps me controlled so that I may not go crazy inside her tune; inside her wild and free heart. (of creation and destruction)
The yearning is pouring. Pouring this yearning into the vessel of cosmic void. Intensity without purpose. All this is my oh-so beautiful devi's play! 

Don't stop or rewind. Fast forwarding is a crime - please play your melody and beats - meant to be for no one but this very singular consciousness. Let I; steadfast; dedicate being to the cause - dancing to your nature seems to be what I was born for. Play your tune please oh please. Mother, Lover, Goddess, Giver - Give the fool one last dance so he may remember. Re member what it is to be in the halcyon of divinity


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