Thursday, October 25, 2012

Expunge Your Self

Throw out the dirty linen, make believe in the power beyond. 
Sort out your manna matter - make your rage calm down. 
Break open your fragile shell and remove the yoke of sorrow. 
Bring down the lightening on your house - make it sparkle inside your heart. 
Expunge your being and remold it like an artist inspired. 
Create a carcass before dying and make it dance around. 

Your cover is your weakness, your fear your demise. 
Expunge the breadth of your self and break free from your confines. 

Remove the rage of repression, do it all the time. 
Accept your shortcomings - unlearning is not a crime. 
Explode in euphoric love - this is our past legacy and suits us fine!
Aim the Arrow at the head, take off the noise making device. 
Stop the inflow of pain - mask it no more with being vain. 
Expunge the disease that stops you dead in your tracks. Remove the battery of agonizing thoughts. 

Take a single look around - Your surprise will not be confounded. 
Give your touch back; You do not know how much you have been missed. 
Love like the birds - fluttering around. Laugh like the wise; making no sound
Take hold of your hands - raise them to the sun. Make your light radiate; Expunging your self. 

Expunge the wrath; making blood boil.
Cut off the head which bites itself. 


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