Saturday, November 5, 2011

Self Governed

The best form of governance; is self governance. This is a message enlightened folks across the world since ages have been TRYING without fail to impart to us.
Well we folks just don’t seem to care enough to listen; and do you see the consequences? No you still do not?
Well you can pick up a history book, from any corner of this world; and see the truth (I know history books are the biggest lies, but they give you some small glimpse of what actually has happened and repeated time over in any country/dynasty/region)
The massacre at Tien-Min square Beijing? The recent wall street protests? The uprising in China, Egypt, and oh so many African countries? The upheaval of economies across the globe starting from the golden lands like Greece, Italy, France, US?
Are all these problems interconnected?

Oh well for many ‘yes’, and for most ‘Don't care’

But it is foolish not to understand the root cause of everything happening

and just trying to heal the symptoms time over again!

I am trying very hard to contain myself from bursting out in mad laughter. Surely we are capable of better methods of anarchy than this? Oh sorry; we were planning to govern and bring about lasting peace? Do we actually have a goal-plan when it comes to governments and kingdoms and countries?
So this is not a one day process, since mankind has developed an opposing finger, he has been consistently fingering himself with it! lol, Instead of finding a way in which he can live harmoniously with the earth and other beings in it. He has found that he is always in some form of mental ostracizing. He has to prove himself time over to his own self, his fellow species and the entire universe. Well I wont get philosophical. That adds no value (as the world perceives it currently).
Why do we require governments?
We require them, for through governments, we define ourselves. we define Who WE are.
We creatures would not want to think over, to define how we should live. It takes too much effort from our cranium. We would rather just let some illiterate person take charge of our entire lives, the lives of our siblings and kind. That is too sad.
The majority is always right in any government? Why should that make sense? Is there a majority to start with; as far as I see, there are possibilities, but till date I have never seen any 2 people absolutely alike, conforming to the same processes and ideologies and in short the same way to live.
Everyone has their own mental worlds, and based on those, one builds their perfect utopia.
But the governments of recent have build mental models solely on the greed of one or some men. They work towards domination of another, of control of the earths resources, of building stock piles and holding out another in their time of the need.
Tell me why do we need to lend our support to people who take our passivity for a ride? Why do we not up-rise? Why do we not revolt.
I shall tell you why, for the majority alive, revolt is yet not an option, because they are unable to see another way to live. They can see only someone telling them what to do and more often than not, what not to do; and that is defined as life. Most people work, live and die like this. Time over, repeated through history!
This is what the bullshit neo age spiritual writers tell us as a paradigm shift (more often than not, I see the shift as merely shit). But they at least understand that this change; is required if an effect is to be seen for a majority this time.
The governments and their actions benefit only a very minute portion of sentient beings across the world, also because the governments mirror the individual person of the land and his/her thought process, conscious acts, unconscious desires (repressed or otherwise)
There is no easy way for revolt to take place, for unless change starting from within each of us, comes and flows like a sweet river towards endless sea; there is no hope.
For when we understand that we are since time immemorial wallowing in filth. (which we so proudly showcase as our glorious achievements!) and that any change which we consciously administer now will only help us survive a better life, and not just survive is when actually self-governance will take over.
Self governance, in a very easy terminology is that- controlling the self. The self (not a limited perspective of I) but of what the self is. The self can only be realized by negating of the limited self.
I state the fact- time is limited and it is the only precious irreplaceable resource we possess. We must stand together, in our fragile hour. To see that no one need control our future or our freedom. We must choose as one. The time now has come

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