Wednesday, November 2, 2011



I just realized something so simple yet so difficult. I apologize; most of the times I keep myself and others in an endless loop; for no good rhyme or reason.

Its not a big deal to die.

Its not a big deal to die.

I find such liberation in these simple words; which hit me out of nowhere.

We all indulge in killing of live beings every single day from roaches to ants to what not, sometimes knowingly and other times unknowingly. I have seen people die in front of my eyes... right from alive to phat! dead…                     Believe you, me. Its not a big deal to die!

suicide-shoot-die_gum art pop exhibition ÊǹÅØÁä¹·ì suanlum night painting popart young artist design graphic illustration gallery (1)

I find such joy in these simple thoughts which now I completely understand, there is no loss, there is no gain, there is no meaning and there is no pain.

There is no end, as there was never a beginning. There was nothing wrong in the first place for us to be born. There is no need, for us to be here. There is no master plan which is gonna get us out of here (too).

There is no love as there is no life.

And its alright son, for it is no big deal to be not alive…

Its insignificant, your destiny and mine. There is nothing significant or poignant in us dying.

No one will care, No one will be surprised cause well you all know, its no big deal to die.

I am happy to take the plunge, I am happy to take my life. cause I finally get it. There is no need to be alive…


No way will I change my mind, No way shall the path divide, for where I have walked. Only thorns have kept by my side. I suffered without rhyme, I cried for a dead god. I mourned for a dead love, for a life gone wrong. I wished to end it all, never to begin it again.

My only sincere hope now as ever before; is to be never be born again.

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