Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Perfect (& Impossible) Leap

Creating one reality; by negating many more which exist.
Creating parallel realities; by negating them all at once. No illusions; all reality; Left.
The attachment to form and play; so lax and so stale, dont you get; the level playing field that is the creative imagination called the universe is made to built upon on our will (and the dreams that may... ); not be killed; by being so choosing towards one way of life. Thats as good as no way to life.
My mind attunes to music and the power that it holds; the tune is so creative; its born from the power of the will. Not a repetition of another sordid repetition.Its arising out from the function of our will; (something like a potency?) Its ever new. Fuels my hate (towards mundane) into a heartbeat rage. It stimulates my brain to become active and alive. To use its entire range of limitless!Powerful willed! capabilities; jumping one universe upon another. Till Nothing to create. Nothing left to annihilate (perhaps that is how the master natha feels when he opens his third eye!)
Lo! The darkness is willed away and its filled with white blinding light (let there be blessed divine light!). We are so blinded that we dont see the dark nothingness of the void~that we live and die in. Our universe and our selves. Uncounted beats go by and I am dancing the tune which is still new! Dance is the only way to release; Dance is the only way to bring out the creative will towards physical manifestation. ( I know you know when you too have danced the ground from surise to senset and to sunrise somemore!)
Its when the time dawns when we have given up creating (what we are born to do). Then I open my field of vision and it plays like raining fire arrows forever now!. There is helter skelter. The time is near~ and I get closer to the speakers to hear. Its not something external; nor internal, yet the sound and the mind is in tune; some where we get to see the holy vision is not a vision at all. Its a sound that makes you dance. On your toes for your survival. It may not make sense; but parallel realities have a way of doing that to your self. Shakes you; Rises like potent king snake to bite; Rising has begun. Its your freedom, if You and I choose to call it that. Its escape into the same dark nothing we call the void; which has never ever left us in the first place.

Why you may choose to call it whatever; science and god; television and dream; reality and meta-reality or sadhana; I dont measure it anymore; the creation has ceased upon the understanding of this 'self'. Its no more a war. Time is for music to reclaim her original majestic place (in the heart). Music dawns upon mankind; the dance is coming alive. In its quest to create so that distaste of it may come upon us once again. So that we may refuse to yield to be buried under an illusion of one or more parallel realities. So that we can see that freedom shall come from the switch \\non existent// button of a vision too. 

The time of the night; there is never so time so right. We have amassed a group; a tribe of tree hugging freaks! What a shame, that they are trying to dance the night away. For I have found the perfect leap (no its not faith). Its the beat becoming unison with the energy in tandem inside your spine~power of mother goddess full power coming alive waves after waves of ojas (spirit power?). The level headed creative field is seen again. The void inside everything dead and alive. This is not prophecy or propaganda. This is the beckoning you call your Moksha! Your divine title; and your human~divine right. Come lets celebrate with a reunion of souls. Its dawning. Jump into the gap with the fit end (or beginning or whatever). Its such a celebration that the night filled with deadly dance has no morning to tell its tale.I jumped into that gap at that time~ its the perfect leap overtaking any one reality (or many) could offer any of us. Its un~creation. its un~time. Its un~everything that was built inside/outside. Its un~ordinary? that its death~life (every single day and every blessed night?); why so our daily strife? or is that a question worth asking ever?  Take a leap!?

The becoming is being; its the process that leaves no trail. I mean there are no measures. Only a step to reach well.. state or no state. (as best as it could be said is as good as its understood i guess)

Peace & Grace

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