Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Cursed Moon

The last survivor colony is getting burnt under the brutal suns wrath. The protective layers of the walls worn down; some kind of war that has almost eliminated the survival of humans. Adam possesses resilience, he will not succumb and before he knows it, his will takes over his entire set of survival instincts. He dawns his enamel colored suit; and switches on the oxygen supply. 
In front of his hazel colored eyes; the entire scheme of his way of life gets burned to the ground. Ashes get blown away with the nomadic howling winds. The disease that has consumed mankind; is as prolific as anything that has been or could be seen in our times. Some said that it was a virus that attacked causing insanity and disease. Some say that it was an asteroid colliding at imminent fatal speeds. The death clock had wound up and life turned to nothing but compressed matter in too less of time.... 
Adam waits and prays; the oxygen runs out and the sun still doesn't decay. There must be a way out from here; a survival cockpit; an engine that wont fail. The massive military base is dismal. It has burnt a crater onto the ground... too many craters now everywhere. Signs of failure to be saved. 
Adam runs and makes it to what some call a miracle to till this day.... He finds a fueled rocket with an extra second to spare. He makes his way onto the night sky; now hidden from the sun, spread with charred bodies and rubles; Adam knows that he has made his way out from a cold death. 

The rocket has co-ordinates fixed; It will not maneuverer manually, some one always knew of the eventuality of the events of such chaos; some one knew it all along till this very day! 
Adam is a pilot; but cannot change the destination where he will land. He goes into a hypnotic sleep. Where time would slow down, and he would wake up with a loud vibration through his body. The plane had landed; 
It was the barren rock Gaia/Earth. The moon of adam's planet. The only moon. The cursed Moon. 
Adam survives for ages it seems; The sun is hotter and the moon surface pours lava all the time. There is plantation and rain but there are no signs of life (atleast to his eyes). Adam moves from volcano to ocean. Rain to sunshine. He looks up at nights and sees his planet broken and life-less.

Till the day when he crosses the fateful ridge; finds what seems to be a broken down marooned rocket (something which seems his kind!). He looks no further and finds, a survivor. Eve; the only other survivor who got out from that catastrophe alive. Seems like a curse or a blessing; It flashes but for a fraction of a second in front of Adam's forehead; something of a premonition. Ages to translate into truth and arrive!

Life is will. Will demonstrated is being alive! Life procreates till this is no more. On this cursed moon or perhaps another....

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