Tuesday, May 4, 2010

High Fashion

As you walk on by; your anklet shines and crackles the morning alive from twilight..
Long flowing hair covers you from head to toe; as the nymphs jump into the well jealous of your radiating glow.
Bleak is life without your childlike smile, your doe-eyed innocence, and your wicked plans for the night....
Cannot measure your patience with the less endowed, your grace with the petty hearted, your naivety at lifes ordeals, where will I ever find a loving goddess like you.
Shooting stars move past your hips dusk to dawn, and your scent of jasmine, never ever gone (from my head)
As you walk past, give me one look; just that sensual gaze. For that will be enough merciful lover, to alleviate my pain; remove me from this stoning daze *called life*
My Muse, My simple twist (in faith) brought me to you, like a seashell brought from the endless ocean onto the hands of an awe-struck child.. It could be called chance, but you (my seashell, from distant space), are nothing but divine grace!
Lo! time progresses too fast and stops at every waking hour in haste... all bowing to your care and compassion.. living the simple life tara, always in high fashion...

Simple yet elegant, tolerant yet spit fire, commanding yet so gentle (sleeping), beautiful and so very intelligent.. dichotomous and never tolerating bullshit (even from me)... your life has more twists and turns than the branches of an old banyan tree.
You teach me life, and how to live it. Things I am not, you are for me.. when we fight we blow the house all directions for everyone to see. You coax me into being myself; time over when I am arrogant as hell/ never letting your spirit in myself down....... Without you tara my brazen goddess; I would be wearing a thorn ridden crown.

Peace & Love & Bliss (From Tara to everyone and everyone amiss)


nidhika said...

wowieee.... dat was some piece of writing... tara would be feeling so lucky to read this.. perfect praise for her... wonderful.. :)

Nag said...

@nidhika- thank you.. i hope she feels good as well.

purepoison said...

Tara feels blessed...

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