Monday, February 15, 2010

Some sort of Demon

Haunting my dreams, every time i get up; in the mirror I see.
Run away further and further till I can breathe no more; just to see you waiting for me at the door.
What kind of hatred are you made of? The putrid mixture of jealousy Lust and Sloth..
In time I have found you in the hearts of men all alike; wrecking whatever they see in dismay.
You are my nemesis, the fallen angel true; In your palm are lines edged in blood.... they tell of the glory of your right, the right to fool man into the false notions of power; of immortality
Master of puppets, these fools swing your way, dance your tune and puke and die when you say...
They think not, seeking castles made in heaven and run ever more in circles as soon as they receive what they thought they had sought....
You have sown the seeds of misery so deep, ploughed in with your material rewards of greed and gluttony and sprinkled ever so often with the rain of hate... in each and every man
You wait for the show to begin, so that you will feel alright... that the demon so vile is not obscure, he runs mad and free in each and everyone who breathes.
You are not alone lucifer, you spawn generations of your disciples... who prefer to walk blind, from natures gardens right into your realm; to meet your minions; brothers sisters of the kind.
You fool me not, You enslave me not; the light of sacrifice burns in this heart. The purity of light to bury your sins back to hell... My kind will defy you; defile your existence; seal your loathe in your tomb.
Your selfishness has ruined earth and the lot; you have won for too too long. The day of judgment comes one last time, yea this time your money and your greed and your hate and your selfishness and your death and your crime and your sins and your lust and your power will be your downfall... Not Mine, Not Mine.

The real demon walks in man, He walks endlessly day and night. He stops not, tires not. To destroy what man was to create. To laugh and ridicule the grandeur of life,spit in our heart and convince us that we would sell our soul for greed, butcher each other for 'happiness', spew hate for no reason... like rabid mad dogs without souls ever more....


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