Monday, February 15, 2010

Settling for...More or Less ?

The condition of education in this country is pathetic, and the people who are figures in the education systems sustainability are apathetic towards knowledge or students who want to acquire it. India boasts of IIT and IIM and ISB and colleges such as these which are supposedly amongst the best in the world. But as I see it, people are fools and its easy for some one to become a pied piper leading Indian aspirants from one cliff to another and finally dumping them somewhere where no one cares about them.
First and foremost I hate competition and the school of thought which believes that competition brings the best in everyone. It doesn't, it fuels hatred and insecurity and jealousy and selfishness and it never promotes learning for the intention to learn in the first place. Competition in studies just boils down to who's the best? who's the brightest? who's the first? who's worth it...
and in truth everyone is fit to learn, perhaps in the real world or something the survival tactics work, but it ought not to be in an education system, think about it... why do only some people get to learn in an IIT, shouldn't an IIM's motto be to teach everyone to manage or whatever they are supposedly good at...
Apart from this, the cycle of education is just that... a vicious cycle.. institutes gain name after being years in existence and they start taking in the "brightest" people in terms of intelligence (there is no other test of any other sort to measure any other potential in India... and i dont think this situation will ever improve). Then they half assed teach these bright people, who in the first place would be able to handle whatever being taught, they pass out and secure good jobs and so forth and the college gets name for it, and so the next time companies want to hire bright people, they come to this college and so it continues. There is ever any sincere help in terms of educational difference provided by the excellent schools and mediocre ones. an IIM-A is just comprised of people who are most fit in terms of intelligence quotient and the teachers are mostly busy trying to get there personal research and so forth going so they will also be supposedly well qualified, and they dont have to be really teaching these bright students, they will and do manage and then they secure good jobs and the colleges get credit.
An ISB or a MDI would be excellent and worth its salt, if it was able to take the bottom 10% of the CAT aspirants and then get them a decent education worth an awesome job, but this cannot happen for these colleges and the people who handle their administration are finally business men/women and not scholars. Though they might have 100 papers and 1000 research works to prove they are, but they still cannot experiment to teach those who according to them are not worth it. Thats the real challenge to a teacher, in any day and age... taking a disciple who doesn't even value perhaps what is being taught and inculcate in him knowledge worth keeping for life.
Indian students have been harassed, burnt out, pained and miserable since i have been one (almost my entire life), there is hardly any joy, the teaching methods remain age old, the teachers remain constantly uninterested and senile at best, and the bottom line remains money, for teachers and students. How can such a system be sustainable? How can it actually boast of being anything other than garbage.
Even if education system is over crowded, and it has to teach how to survive the real world and what not, i dont see how imparting education is related to ones IQ or any other quotient other than desire or intent to learn. Western education (atleast non management courses) has learnt this much that, to learn one just needs motivation and true desire to pursue it till the end.
The deep impact on the psyche of Indian young minds is too great to ignore, we are brought up thinking that if we even take time to breathe and not study to get in a school college or work will cost us, our life. My parents have used this line "Boy, this is your last important exam; it will decide the course of your life" to me some 10 times atleast ranging from boards to entrance exams to university papers and what not, but i haven't learnt anything worthwhile other than the fact how not to learn something properly and for life.. and that is a very very sad statement for a student to make, that the only thing i have learnt in my years as a student is how to get grades, not how to appreciate and learn something cause it is my natural intent...
the Indian education system is a systematic process to eliminate any and all desire that one may have to actually learn something. If I want to pursue management tomorrow, to become a good manager or a good vet, or a good doc or even an awesome sanitary expert, i wont be able to.. the stigma attached here to education is incredible. mind numbing soul crushing, always ending with the question... will i be settling for more or less......

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