Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sacred vows undertaken to survive inside ignorance,
humanity faces its head hung down for entire eternity; Judge not lest ye be judged.
But what if I chose but once? Not needing, never requiring, always choosing.
What is to be. Not be.

We have massive attention put to try to stay in status quo. Neither reaching for the stars, nor digging it all the way to the core. What am I to make of this? That we claim to be the masters of this world, and yet our fear drives us into inertia?
Change now lest you be changed before
Simplified and over qualified for this planet and its mundane existance. Didnt you see it like this?
There is a picture of you and your clan in your head, the restaurants and the public parks, the food mania and the liquor downpour, but all this is sheer waste- for you choose to see not what these had been if you were not here.
A world so perfect; i can only imagine without the possibility of mankind. Earth has only become worse, more chaotic and filthier with humanity posing as a saint, trying to keep its devilish tail fit comfortably between its crotch.
For what are the means justifiable to an end? We are facing the end, and all the means we have taken have left us no where but to cry for help.
Shaken from grass roots, thats how we feel now. what with those tornadoes and meteors from the sky, from the bombs in the minds of men, and the poison needle in peoples vain.
What are we to make of all of this? evolution, devolution, surprise demise.
I like to think of places and things and beings without the presence of humans involved in it.
They ruin it for you and for me. with the rage and the hate, the guilt and the shame, the greed and the lust. They are like you, like I. but not just yet. We have a chance to pull out of this vicious circle of ignorance, yea we chose it and we can unlearn it just as well. There is a time frame for us, called the mortal coil. when its undone then its time for us to leave existence and shift pace to nothingness, until then lets practice what we dont preach. for what we preach is poison to the young ones of our society, it is poison for the old and the dying. and its poison from the very mouth it comes out.
There are no masters of self, here and now and its left to lepers like us to pick up the pieces of the one time grand reckoning, something we noticed and we couldnt speak, something we felt and we could never recollect. This is the eagles emanations. The last sensual life moment in our entire history of civilization. The witnessing of the glory of insignificance.
Where are we in the scheme of things? Indifference is to big a word used for our existance in this vast universe. Each universe a verse/story of the grander
Eagles emanations cannot be seen directly, thats sheer oblivion., you can only gaze indirectly at craft for flight. Take off for a new high, the world is too small to realize. I talk only of my self, my inner shine.

Time to celebrate like never ever before,
days go by and the tandav continues,
with or without you in the frame


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