Saturday, July 18, 2009


On this distant shore; one last glimpse we seek of paradise.
Paradise I have noticed, from far and near. Seeking its beat, crying out~

Everpresent life filled with notions of nightmares; unstable look, a piercing shout
Eagles bind the sky; circling away my notions of what life is or may be.
This is paradise, where the shores cut by deep rocks on both sides shelter nomads.

Climb over five hills and see the sunset, as I did. Each walk the path winds towards the serene drop of the oceans perfect unstill.
Gokarna is the place where I lost myself time and again. Lifting up the spirits from the sky
noticing those glances from the sky. Ever benign.

I have seen the dance of the flute with the tabla on rapture; these long haired gods coming together for the evening serenades on the tip of the Om beach. where all concept of there away disappear with the music.
Sleepless shores these are, for not the faint hearted for as the night comes on paradise takes on this notion.
Where the sounds of the waves merge with pure wizzy noises.

Look paradise is in you. Where shall you look? for this path that Natha has provided will be experienced. Savoured with the supreme. Divine and time less.
Paradise is not a back alley for the sane. It is the path to the divine. It is the way off this beat ridden madness which you call a life. I prefer to call it a lie.

Come and drink the wine under the moonlight sky my love! Sleep under the stars and stillness.
Tides rise and we submerge to see the underwater. Look up at times and we notice the moon wavering with the tides.

Power takes on different connatation here; My life comes here a full circle as I fall into the same place where I met god. Where I saw the reflections changing. Disappearing and re emerging.

Lo~ Paradise is here and now. Taking and giving your soul into this ,
Is presents itself in entirety. Take a sip. Thou shall not be disappointed my union.

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