Sunday, March 26, 2017

At Peace

With each passing moment which we perceive, we are recreating and getting out of fashion. 
Each meaningless glance and stare; surrounded by sheer apathy disguised as mocking care. We as a society have lost our connection to the source 

Sure it was the same before times; man had to slog and strive for his chance, one small window of his emancipation. This was tough enough in a lifetime without losing track but now the disease spread is more infectious less noticeable. A facade of peace is created but without any intention from anyone to live by it. 

This period of ours is probably the most peaceful state which could be had. The wars and lootings of the past will soon be enacted in future, where deaths over our precious "natural resources" will take a genocidal proportion. 
This period of ours is also the least concerned about what peace really means. Sure no one is dying in a conventional war, and there is time for society to do "productive" things - but as we soon realize all this was bullshit, and the way our earth has been raped - there is no chance in hell for us to even embrace peace. 

Peace is to be one with the self, whose self? Your and my self. No label attached but for the sake of even trying to describe - the ancients called it brahman. It is the presence the real self, which makes this maya or illusion work so well. 
To be at peace is a journey to accept things we are, aren't. To be at peace means letting things go, including ourselves, so we may get something different. 
To be at peace does not mean hurting in a physical sense. To be at peace is a spiritual unfolding where one understands that peace is the only attribute which we possess, peace is a sign and reflection of the individual's freedom, love, and uniqueness. 
Unless peace of one's mind and heart is at fore, there will always be anxieties or attributes of weakness which will take over the lives of us. 
Peace is the acceptance and potential energy which the universe is. 
It is Shiva in his meditative state, in jungle away from the so called societal peace and growth. In true sense, acceptance of nature and one's own nature is the only reckoning needed to be at peace. 
But indeed we as mature adult civilization dont reckon that our own peace is of any so called value, after all it wont lead to world peace (why not?) It doesnt win over money, and wastes a lot of one's time to discover their own core (and yes it is at peace). 
So indeed let's not waste time in teaching our young that to be at peace in war and non war, richness and poverty, healthy or dieased is the only thing we need to be or do. 
Everything else will take care of itself. 

Peace and Joy

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