Friday, September 2, 2016

Pure Dirt

The great divide which the world brings to us at this stage of our life experience is an utter contradiction in terms. I have always gotten the understanding that we need to be cognizant of the fact of our inner purity and divinity. How do we achieve this realization, of course by removing the dirt (Mal in Sanskrit).

When this is removed there shall be only cleanliness and satvic-ness pervasive to all which the soul is. How wrong this is in the scheme of things I realize now
Who you are is what your soul is. Who you are is a function of where you have come from and what you consume to survive and grow. Where you are at is an inch above the dirt.
I was seeing the way the best food items grow in the world are with the help of great manure and awesome worms which up till the soil so the nutrients can be distributed evenly. This is not just good science but great life art – where you are ingesting the tastiest fruit and veggie cause you crapped the best crapper till date, and not even then does it stop – with yuk creatures like vermin and worms going head on to make your food a delight to your palate – it seems like the sense of discrimination of yore between what is good and bad or rather what is clean and what is not has been warped beyond belief.
I know now that the dirt and dust on my body goes to cover me from disease and actual filth. I know the dirt on the soil goes to make for a great combination of sustenance and yummy food. I know the dirt in my soul makes me that much wiser, stronger and live longer in this real mean dirty world which fellow man sells as the pure pre stage to heaven
I mean the more I see it – the more I notice that it’s the dirt which is the pure, it is the dirt which is the mother father and god hood itself. Without the dirt in us – there would be simply no us.
Why don’t we honor it like our ancient forefathers did, not segregate in some neo Nazi Vedic way where dirt is not part of the DNA.
We do still arise and demise into dirt. We live because of it and die unto it. What a grand feeling not to be clean and pure anymore. To embrace my feces as a part of my whole!

Peace and Love

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