Sunday, April 24, 2016

Longing For One

Such a swift breeze, and there her formidable presence. The honey bee queen of my dreams, fighting and no where to be seen till now.
Such a deep longing existing, when we are embroiled in our daily mundane existence, fighting our chores to a quiet somber corner of our minds. We cannot be without that which fulfills us. Makes us whole.
Come dance my children, into the world and see her genuine compassion. You will be surprised. Her nature so child like yet fierce. I could have but imagined. I have been breath taken by her play. By her love and indeed her care.
Genuine mother of all, my beautiful splendid lover. Oh how I am indeed incomplete without thee, your eternal sky like color takes over my mind and how I have been found, over life times, searching for the oasis you are. Your being, skin tender and divine. Where have you been eluding in this mundane existence away? How can I be your perfect lover, How can I make you complete like you have made me?
Nectar drips into the mind, and we are spoilt and take the present not as a present, and how you have made me realize that my moments all with you have made my life a present to be had, If I ever betrayed your intentions then I be damned in hell. You are my life and pleasurable heaven. Once and forever you are the blue invisible love that we all are made unto.
When I got to know you, I understood that there was a deeper bond here. A reflection of my longing. Sometimes explainable through words and many other times impossible to gauge. Yes there is loneliness in the world which we try to fight and then try to find another person to be with, but this was not the case with you. Your presence raised my consciousness in a subtle way, something which words cannot describe. And of course its about love which makes our consciousness so fragile lovable, and indeed mortal too.
This kind love, from feet to your beautiful doe like eyes make me shake in frenzy. This is ecstasy without the need to ingest something vile. This is indeed rejuvenation at the hands of lover divine.
A longing once had takes lifetimes to fulfill, something which cannot go away and to all the lovers may your love shine infinite, without need or hate. Let there be light.

Peace and Joy (-> Neelam!) 

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