Sunday, May 24, 2015

Future Version Besides

How can genes be modified? Seems to be a question racing through my head - as I go ahead to meet this gentleman, seeming to know what he is talking about, I wonder now..

Take my original genes. Now plant them in the green field of many acres. Where there is space and growth possible. The genes shall fodder bodies and perhaps souls... 

Don't feel surprised, we are all the products of our ancestors. Well that was the story some 2250 years back. Now there is no gene purity left anymore. There is nothing which makes us look or behave like human beings, dont you care to agree?
The other man looked to the faceless creature, nodded and took his genes, in a pool of greed and wrath. The pure genes shall manifest shortly. As the new Adam generation XPO13095. 

The earth has become a pyramid of souls dying and evaporating to nowhere, with human generations now reside underground. There is a new race living above earth. Who knows if they human or mutants, alien or parasite? Nothing seems to make sense in the oblivion that is the core of mother earth. We are couped up to die, fighting to get out of the hole yet never able to succeed. We are

The genes have become men and women. Gained breath and life. Seeming to get consciousness and dulled instantly by the conditioning that is our history and future life. 

Time over evolution sets the reset button and we fail to notice. Yes we sit and shack up till our graves come to us, Eating merry and behaving like assholes without care. The genes become modified, changing form and information - with new series of races coming as quick as your version change of operating softwares - there is no more mating required. There is but one thing badly required - The original human gene. Without modification or tampering. With the right sequence of DNA/RNA and other lipids.

Did I forget to mention, we lost the original race. That was a hell of a time, where governments of world started modifying their armies - their populations - to create the next stronger man, woman. Smart sensitive, loving what not. Then it went amiss. Wars broke out. Destruction ensued. Yes the story has been repeated many times, but not at this extent. They blew up the world. Don't know us or the new kinds of humans living on the rock. Nothing makes sense. This seems to be hell and life ain't life anymore.
No versions have made the population breed normal humans. There is nothing left except mutants, and not like the X Men kinds. These are the addicted narrow petty minded remainants of past perfection. Some say that this has been predicted. That the nature of man will undergo such rampant change, that it would no longer be human. Perhaps humans were never human in the first place.

Don't you feel that way sometime, when you know that you are wrong - and won't admit that this is going the wrong way? Maybe we all do not want to admit that our lives, or whatever we call this time period of temporary consciousness striking through... that we don't know the shit of what is happening around us,
We are not inspired, pure, naive bathing in light. We have become the remain ants of our former selves. Of the righteous humans that we were intended to be. Indeed quite a genetic modification - from the powers that rule one over the other, Enslaving oneself indeed through a unique new kind of torture everytime.

So I take this gentleman's word for it, and take his genes and grow it one last time. What came forth - even I feel dreaded to describe.

Peace and Watch Out!

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