Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Revelation Ó Love

We fell from the stars to rise up to them once again.
We gained higher ground only to slip so to embrace in the mug again.
She spoke so less and saw me through this endless teary eyed night.
There was once a mirage which manifested as an oasis in this empty rune-d head (of mine).
Why this anguish, pain of separation – kneeling down for no good reason till the end?

I see her like a beautiful dream; never ending and never repeating. She by my side and I feel satisfied.
True love is like a gentle colorful delightful flower; growing in places of despair; Rising and blooming into adoration and care.
Into the night we walk, succumb to our human plight – perennial misery and fleeting delight, hold you unto me. Breathing the warm scent that you are; reminding me gently. Walk with remembrance of your delicate love. Never kneel and never forget.
When I look at her hands, shocking sweet and indulging in an obscene manner. There is no respite from this blissful illusion of sorts.
Revelation now – it’s all Blue from the bottom of my heart to the head held true. Love is the reason why existence shaped us in this form.
Love is the answer and the revelation we have been looking for. Love is not a word or a feeling. It’s the being taking form and shape and playing the fool, the angel, lover, miser, devil – the personalities of ours which we attach to, which we desire-detest-and so adore.
It’s there in the core of our being, the beating fragile heart. Where and when it may end – and in whose arms is the mystery worth enacting the part.
So I say that place your head on my lap; there is no reason that this day need to end in separation being away. Let us lock our hearts and throw the keys away on a river with no start nor end. There is madness and a tingling sensation which keeps us alive for the revelation to unfold and flower bloom into sky dust once again.
I have rediscovered the true extent and imagination of my heart. Where I loses in another I, simple naïve without end; without a start. This play oh so futile – a revelation par the imagination of our loveless minds. This is beauty unparalleled.This is indeed the purpose of our births and deaths timeless and circular. 

Peace and Love.


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