Monday, March 21, 2011

The Thousand Petals of Myself ~ Sahasrara Sighting ~


With eyes immersed into the endless pool of life within, the soul transmigrates illusion after another, without the least bit of hindrance or fear. With eyes looking upwards unto the heavens, the divine music is finally felt within reach, there is no path as golden; pristine as the one which leads one to the start of one’s personal life. Towards the crown of your head and mine. Where the thousand petaled lotus becomes vibrant and eternally alive…

When the lotus becomes active (kundalini pierces herself through and merges with the universe- the individual shakti becomes the universal in turn), its petals thousand and more in number become living colors every which where and beyond the imagination of the sensory eyes, The veil of a dual persona, of something which we thought as I; vanishes and is replaced by nectar flowing from the ‘heavens’ above into this subtle centre of consciousness above our heads, creating physical auras and heavenly light flowing through the skull in all directions. The true kings and queens of humanity have ever shown this sort of divine light; this power, whoever and wherever they have existed~

Yes, we are products of heaven, fell from divinity into the earth and ceased to be who we were… we choose not to claim what is rightfully ours, our seamless divinity and interconnectedness; and the freedom from delusion and myriad illusions. Our true nature is above and beyond this fabled lotus; the seventh seat of consciousness. The seventh gate holy and towards the beyond~

Bloom and rise, in a way that is ever new and never binds. Your head has finally become active, with the lotus gleaming like a thousand new born suns, where there is meeting of your individual consciousness into the whirlpool of universal life.

The sacred lotus remains not the end of the journey, the pure dreaming journey has just begun mortal, the journey through endless stars and universes, all hiding their sacred jewels of power and mystery. The saints hiding in the secret leaves of the pure lotus meditating eons together in this and oh so many other creations.

Vast and unfathomable is this entire entirety. There are specs of nothing with more power than you and I. Its the truth, and we children of shining consciousness seek to waste our given capacity on war and strife. Instead of immersing the eyes inside leading to the sacred elevator towards higher consciousness, right into the eye of the Sahasrara . Where there is sacred second birth, where the consciousness dipped into the universe’s breadth comes alive and thirsts for its true complete self. The journey has just begun~

(the layers above represent greater levels of consciousness rising. The base symbolizes the human consciousness transcending towards a unified universal state of one or none!)

This is one of the many visual diagrammatic representations which would show that above this mythical and mysterious ethereal chakra lies various other dimensions of refined power states i.e. consciousness.

The various manifestations in this centre correspond to the saints and gods who have supposedly manifested in front of dumb humans like us (the one nanak dev, compassionate yesua, silent buddha, poetic tirumular, omnipotent babaji, loving sai nath, powerful vama khepa, graceful ramana and so many more) has been to show the full capacity of the human consciousness when it pierces the seventh and final centre of human consciousness,

After this we cease to remain human beings, we exhibit no characteristics of the species which we call as us, we do not thirst or hunger, lust or confuse. We change the framework completely, when we put in the effort to raise ourselves to the state where heavens lie.

Heaven in Christian and Paradise in sufism, apart from other religions correspond to this final dimension/state of power. This is final for the human race/frontier, after this the saint leaps from one dimension to another, and metaphorically takes a seat where ever he feels like. To contemplate the grandeur of this known and unknown entirety in silent cheer. This is great joy. Its the lap of shiva consciousness in a way, where one knows who they are (tat~tvam~asi) and still retains a ‘perspective’ to see the powerful manifestation of the creator~

This is where we started our journey, and then we fell. We fell and went to sleep. We continue to remain in slumber till something or someone wakes us up. This is not going to last, we must become our own makers, our own takers. Of what is rightfully ours. This divine life, this infinite mastery is our making and we choose to ignore it? spend the precious energy needed to propel us into love and interconnectedness towards trivial and material pursuits? So that we may decay on or under the ground…. to eternity without ever tasting whatever is rightfully ours?

The ripe Sahasrara remains within reach, just like a ripe mango we want to pluck to quench our hunger and thirst. Yet we never ever imagine that it would be so close to our grasp, right above our heads. Right above our eyes.

It just needs these immersed eyes, which look inwards and upwards. and thus the joy of eternal life  truly quenches our thirst and hunger forever; once and for all.

*See the skies enliven with the Holi-2011 Big Bright Moon staring back at all in Peace and Joy !*

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