Monday, December 27, 2010

God Sends Death

We think of ourselves, true and naive; good and absolute; not realizing that what we are and do is of no consequence. The earth beneath our feet shifts and so do we; the skies above tremble and pass and so shall we... The greatest veil we adorn is one of ignorance towards the truly certain. That god sends death; and beckons us inconsequential to be free...

Why do we give special consideration towards children? Have you asked; we exclude them from death and suffering, care for them in the most adverse of conditions, is it because that we consider them incapable of taking care of themselves; or that their true innocence be safeguarded. That is the one thing which adults do not possess is it not?
What if you knew Hitler or any other tyrant this world has seen as a child, of course he/she is innocent, and you will try to see hope in them, but at what cost? At the cost of over 6 million other children and people dead? Would you have the compassion to breast feed and cuddle the child tyrant so that they could grow up and destroy the rest of humanity or the forests or the earth itself?
Think hard and fast; the child is no more worth the effort to protect and love, for you know when they will grow up, the chances of them becoming good are not just as attractive for them as being way bad.
Today when I saw a child walking alongside his mother, I thought; no matter what creed or race or gender; we view children with awe and love; would it tantamount to anything good; if you loved a child hitler who would grow up to kill indiscriminately....
Who knows where the next seed of hate and despair is planted; in which child's heart, in which child's mind. Why pray and care for what you could not be sure of. Isn't that what human civilization teaches us children in the first place.
There is something to be sure of; the imminence of death, It prays your side, waiting for the night and grimacing as the onslaught of age and decay begin. Be wary of death, for it is the only certainty that god sends down, not even a child's innocence is comparable to the mighty irrevocableness that time and death havoc upon all!

The times were different before, the gods sent death through the rats; the plague entering your tract and eating you up whole.. killing millions, rotting dumped on pits and holes and not one left to burn them away; The stench rose over the continents whole; A sort of signal... sent by man to outer space- look at the great human condition, we die as the rats live. We are the fore bringers of death certain ~
The gods send death through the atom, with a fragile man's thumb on the button; the twin bombs fall to different towns, the "little boy" and the "fat man" fall from the skies, impending doom within a sqare foot (of uranium and the like). The cities lie nuked. The bodies do not need to be burnt this time around; man already took care of his fellow man (a human gesture indeed, how can it be mistaken!)... In a hope of for the "greater good". He incessantly kills the larger good. All ways

God sent his arch angel Lucifer for the greater good, and the myth got twisted and replaced. He fell to the ground and his wings got clipped and he became the anti-christ for so many innocent heretics to follow. The twisted imagination of this feeble creature that is man; wrecked havoc, bringing the innovative and the creative to the cross, culling them without the faintest notion of a cause. The men in robes called it the "cleansing"; burning down the witches and heretics and leaving millions more to be liberated in the false hope that something good would come out from the stinking death that is man (who thought different could be good)

There came a time when you thought that peace was a dream; a sign of the stopping of the barrage of artillery or the echoes of the last shell gone wrong. There was a time when you thought that the land without land mines and the skies without skud missiles to be a dream. The dream is here. The dream is right now, blowing shell shocked; without limbs and burnt out. It is abysmal what you will do to wear your precious diamond on your finger and acquire it at whatever cost it may take; what you will do to impinge your ideology on others who refuse to take it. It is pathetic how we all can live with ourselves when the rest of us are dying every second; what do we have to thank ourselves for? A biased and timely fate! Its worst to give death a bad name, when we all love to indulge in it; and hey; it makes no difference whether we accept this or not, our violent ogre natures is what we think of as our saving grace. (it really isn't a play with words, its the truth, the condition of the human race)

God sent death and misery, its all a lie; there is no god. Much less someone external to this apathetic human race that has caused our present state of affairs. It is us, all of us, and all of us who are partakers of our finest product till date.
Death has never taken a back seat here, nor shall it. The future is bleak as the false hope we give ourselves shall fade and it is extremely comforting at the same time, for it will bring upon neon clouds of demise. The great end of our times, beckons and cries. Lets not bid her an impolite goodbye.

Peace (oh not the hope again!)

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