Friday, November 5, 2010

Seasons of Wonder

I tried to look away; that cold misty rainy day, when the world lost its appeal; replaced so visibly by blatant vanity.
I was young; observably naive, believed in values that no one could care to see; walked the earth silently, overjoyed at the becoming of myself; Me.
Harsh melancholy brewing within, not a living soul to fill my cup to the brim. There was life and death and yet nothing to look towards. Where had my seasons of delight disappeared?
A little bit of love goes a long way; Those who haven't loved could never ever say; But the heart knows the broken path by night is delight, that by morning light would seem ordinary without respite.
In quiet wilderness, with the moon beaming on my forehead; I tried, Oh how I tried to look away; but in vain. She stood by the deodars calling the morning twilight. She was not looking for anyone in plain sight. Her silhouette made me howl in pain and simultaneous delight. How did a nymph escape the cruelties of such dark and lonely nights.
Depth of sorrow; surfaces in the pools that are my eyes, separate from her even an instant is a cruel torture befitting no man. How I survived centuries alone, without her, my seasons of delight were in reality but cruel fate.
I approach her in silence and we merge in silence. The spirits collide this silent night. The fury is the moon and the love is her light. Oh how we become submerged in the outpouring of one; There is no telling whether this is dream or real. With your beloved; youth turns to wisdom turns over to rebirth once again.
Over the pacific we sail; with our sights on the sunset. There is downpour from the torrid skies, yet nothing to stop us from our chosen path. She and I; apart and aloof from the rest of the insane world. Where words cause hate and actions result in pain. Amidst the ship of our dreams, we forge forwards towards unity in silence plain. The seasons of delight have begun once again!

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