Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Final Frontier (Up Irons!)

God gave man a sadistic sense of humor; Twisted cry that fills and haunts the room, creeps inside your brain and lays its final message. The end of times is upon us, a crying shame that its in front and all around yourself and I; and we choose to ignore the signals of our demise.
Peaking, together vibrating at another frequency, takes a subtle eye to figure it out the first time she chooses to bite.
The lack of character is filled up by the fancy suit and swaggered arrogance, Its not your fault but I understand that it is something you will never understand; till the end takes you for your final ride.
The final frontier is something so cold; but its not human; perhaps thats why I termed it divine. Crafted and molded every single instance of time, Your adamant stand will be the cause of an eager/early funeral; laugh now, burning your skin; defining your purpose; the work you have done to finally be done over (by natures special gift; a quick release from the complexities of life)

I have passed over the seven pools of holy elixir, each more sweeter than the last. I have set foot on the entire world; including mankind. Different and indeed a difficult answer to digest. Paths are a million paths to million goals scattered here and there, spending your energy, and crawling over to the reminiscence of your former "successful" life.
Dance with me! I will see you outshine, a supernova of increasing energy, a dynamo creating revolution(s) faster all the time. Incessantly explosive, a euphoria like never seen before. In you I see myself, and in my eyes the crafty devil to tackle misery of creation. Nothing you can say no to at first meeting, Its a set task. Immolation of body and spirit, crossing over with the dancer by my side. A limbo, perennial existence, Time vanished and so did space, Only the dance survived yourself and I.

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