Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The quiet of morning dawn broken by vultures galore

Ten million and some more rotten to the core

Their bodies dumped by the vessel which brings more

The saga un ending un folds ever more

Dont ask names, Dont ask castes, Dont even ask why the seagulls laughed

They mock the human machine; spewing deathly hate across continents unseen

The dock built on human pains, the rotting corpses all bound and chained

For one to remain inhumane would be better than to remain here

For ten million are finally dead without a single care

They die of hunger, They die of remorse

They die of war and boredom ofcourse

I joined the boat and surely you will too

The seas are dark and spew sickly brew

Ten million and some more needed to fill the waste

That humanity has created to satisfy its expensive taste

Rogue rats jump out of the vessels carrying the carcasses decapitated along with their heads

Must be the first time in history that even death flees the dead

The name of religion and politics and land and caste ring a bell

Surely there must be some place worse than this fuckin hell (there isnt).

Ten million and some more waiting for their turn

To shed their belongings and take refuge in an urn

Though gifted with empathy and intellect

The misers run around amuck; to see whos branded the villain next..

There is no appeasing the belly of the beast

Who is never satisfied without a blood feast.

Ten million too small, blare the battle guns more

Push the button; drop the plump bomb, see how high it soars!

Its patriot and the priest left finally you see

Picking up the shovel to set you free

Ten million needed and some more...

To rid this earth of filthy whores

Some are found; some hide (in their mind)

But the weight of bodies rotting finally upturns the tides

Oh don’t be shy friends and foes

Lets catch the ride before the ferry doors close

Lets join emancipation, Lets become history...

Ten million and more again thrown vehemently (on the shore)

Oh the future looks bright & endless & colourful & nevermore!

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