Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Subject Matter

Subject to the fast pain, that shoots right into you... into the spun detail...
deed done, no one is to blame, yet looking forward to shift it none the same,

Shift start, life is there ney its here in your eyes bursting flames like a psycho circus gone haywire
why why? I ask and yell at you lover, why this insane rage? Blame it on the weather, you give me your lovely cool gaze...

Somewhere I have always known that I will be reborn and die finally in your arms tara, you might not for the night waxes and wanes indeed!
Cursed hex, you stand at the cross road of roaming and twilight which intertwine down your spine into the pit of power.
You dont feel it now, but someday it will bring us all down in gluttonous shame, the splif politics; the ridicule of the experience, the sensual yet ever despondent maya; nausea of the soul, wont let you go; shakes your hair to end; tingles like the first drop of your rave eh?
Subject matter be damned when i have created the god particle, slower grinding it spins into itself; demise knows no other name... but of course yours and mine and the end of this fucking race...
Slow down; pace fast, spit face, cursed rats..... how will i repent? to whom shall i show my face, they all lie; and endlessly slave.
Am done with the passivity of the endless gravity being in you and I. Love; of lover tara, you can be my only saving grace... you dont believe it, you ridicule me when i speak it, but somewhere in your heart and soul you know that what i say is but what is..... forever in times and in eternal echoing space....
Yea I am a god, you are one too, each occupying the eye in the sky, named eternal jewels in the path that follow you from electronic symphonix to deeper darker metal banging you into the wall that separates you from your inner face....
Blue meets ends
black is your split tongue
Fine tune your carcass for its day in the sun
for when you merge there wont be enough pieces of you to even call it one.....


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