Thursday, August 27, 2009

Toxic Level~Serpentine Move

Slithering past the conscious, the serpent devours all which is present. Consuming it, burning it up and moving past. Descions left to the ignorant. Free is the key.

Toxic levels reach maximum in the system; and what I is left with is change of conscious.
Datura is the way says natha, eat it and travel eons in an instant. Take it and serpent uncoils within I.

It is a shame that when you think psychedelic you cannot move past your own inhibitions. Toxic levels permeate within your system and set the snake (naga) within you on its unfettered motion to the beyond. to the unknown and unknowable.

The emanations are strong, they cannot be noticed with a roving eye, or perhaps they can only be seen with a gaze which is not direct.
Addictive substances beyond your control take over and make you need. Oxygen and proteins demand their right in I. datura liberating these bonds, sets you to step null. There you are innocent like natha civa. All intoxicated and no where to go, you fall at the feet of your love; shakti.
Demand your existance and body exit through the key; key is one-ness, it is love incarnate beyond the need of the body. Demand it Now! There is no tomorrow.
Shallow words spoken all through your life, until the day comes you are no more. When you are burnt along with precious wood. Buried down with hungry vermin. Take it from me, intoxicate and permit the movement of the serpent.
naga involves the reverence of a thousand eons of sacrifice, of worship and endless love. It is sheer power. The fangs are drawn out to increase the toxic levels of life within your system.
Are you sure? Are you really sure that you dont want to get bit?

A venom inside your system enters to decide your fate. It will be your liberation, or your demise.
As you roll back your head, in dismay perhaps, dont. The fates of all are intertwined in this cosmic play. The player? Should i mention.. is the serpentine move on the chessboard of no-consequence.

The most I have got intoxicated is with the movement of the body, the state of mind being in zen, almost no-mind. and the serpent in a constant unfettered movement towards rise. Showering humility and no-ego. There is no presence of i when i disappears under datura.
The lord namaciva drinks the holy soma, datura to some not for most and makes the world dance under his feet, where all ignorance resides. and eventually is burnt.
Third eye movement when the serpent conquers your head. wont let go. the venom in your blood and you still wishing for enlightenment?
Blow your body out of the dance floor. Unity toxic states

For those who think datura, soma and toxics are something tangible, you are sorely mistaken.
These are the internal states, which turn you even when you are residing peaceful six feet beneath the ground (sometimes even when you think you are alive)

Bam Bol

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